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Xometry Enterprise SolutionsIntegrate Xometry Directly Into Your E-Procurement System

Integrate Xometry Directly Into Your E-Procurement System

Quote and purchase parts directly from your company’s E-procurement system

  All uploads are secure and confidential.

Seemless Integration into Your Procurement Systems

We partner with your IT team to quickly develop a simple solution that ensures procuring parts from Xometry is easier and more organized than ever.

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Automate Purchase Orders

Order parts from directly within your own purchasing system and send purchase orders electronically, receiving immediate confirmation.

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Save Time and Money

Expedite your rate of innovation by reducing time cycles and lower procurement costs by spending less time managing orders.

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Ensure Precision

Order and data accuracy is aided with pre-populated fields. Expedite order processing and fulfillment while reducing order errors. Limit manual follow up efforts on confirmations.

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Automate Invoices and Approval

Receive invoices electronically directly into your eProcurement, ERP or financial system. Reduce manual entry, shorten reconciliation timeline and minimize exceptions. Improve 3-way matching.

Xometry’s PunchOut: A Quick and Easy Integration

  • Integrates with all major purchasing systems like Coupa, Ariba, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more
  • Offers the same great Xometry ordering experience directly within your own e-procurement system
  • Does not require an additional login; just link directly to your procurement system
  • Includes a dedicated account team for managing complex quoting 
  • Can be set up in days. Simply reach out to your Xometry rep about setting it up
  • No more manual data entries for your purchase requisition 
  • Purchase order integration and Electronic invoice automation
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Schedule a demo to see how easy integrating Xometry into your e-procurement system can be.