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Manufacturing on Demand for Design Agencies

Manufacturing on Demand for Design Agencies

Innovate Faster & Better With Instant Access to 13 Manufacturing Processes and 60 Materials

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HP MJF 3D printed parts

A Solution Trusted by Thousands of Design Agencies

Why do thousands of designers and engineers trust Xometry to make custom prototypes and production parts? Because Xometry delivers high-quality custom parts on-demand, with market efficient pricing and lead times that allow them to innovate and test quickly. They value Xometry's:

  • Experience with design agencies: Xometry has helped thousands of design agencies get parts made for their clients. We’ve been featured in Core77 as a key manufacturing solution for designers.
  • Agility: No matter what stage you are at in the design process, Xometry has a process that can help you. We offer 14 processes and 50+ materials for maximum flexibility.
  • Instant Quotes: Instant quotes from the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine incorporate analytical geometry and price history on thousands of parts.
  • Speed to market: By using Xometry's digital platform, you can speed up your engineers' product design cycles.
3D Printed plastic parts

How Xometry Works

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3D scanning a massage chair part

A 3D Printed Replacement Part Saves Missouri Man’s Chair

What happens when you need a component that no longer exists? Well, you make it. This is the story of a farmer, a news reporter, and their mission to replace a broken chair component with the help of reverse engineering and modern manufacturing methods.
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Urethane cast parts in different colors and durometers from very rigid to very soft

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