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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing

Help protect your business from cyberattacks by following the guidelines outlined in this eBook.

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing

Cyberattacks cost much more than just a ransom payment. They interrupt daily business operations and can damage a company’s reputation. Yet only 22% of manufacturing companies are significantly confident about their company’s cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing is the resource you need to help safeguard your company against cyber threats. In easy-to-understand language, it explains how multi-factor authentication and a virtual private network can provide security on desktops, tablets, and cell phones; the cybersecurity pillars required for such embedded devices as factory robots; and how cyber insurance can help SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. You’ll also get a handy checklist to help you avoid some of the most common cybersecurity mistakes.

Table of Contents


  • Poll: How Confident Do You Feel About Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

Chapter 1: The Real Threat of Cyberattacks

  • The Cost of Cyberattacks
  • Real-world Cyberattack Claims

Chapter 2: Cybersecurity Overview

  • What Is Cybersecurity?
  • Platform Resiliency
  • Creating a Robustly Secure System in Four Parts
  • Cybersecurity Regulations & Standards
  • Common Regulations & Standards
  • Security Levels
  • Poll: Do You Have a Dedicated Person or Team Responsible for Cybersecurity for Your Organization?

Chapter 3: Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing

  • Make Cybersecurity Top of Mind
  • Fund Cybersecurity Efforts
  • Educate Your Employees
  • Implement Simple Cyberattack Deterrents
  • Use Multi-factor Authentication
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Ensure a Secure Remote Working Environment
  • Implement Cybersecurity Practices Strategically

Chapter 4: Cybersecurity for Embedded Devices and Systems

  • Cybersecurity Pillars Required for Embedded Devices
  • What Is an Embedded Device? 
  • Cybersecurity Pillars
  • Cybersecurity Principles for an Embedded System
  • Protective Steps
  • Machine to Machine or Cloud Protection
  • Threat Modeling

Chapter 5: Cyber Insurance

Chapter 6: Common Cybersecurity Mistakes & the Ultimate Checklist to Avoid Them


Contributing Experts

  • Dan Ujvari
  • David Anderson
  • Michael O’Boyle
  • Hans Wald
  • Cathy Ma
  • Mariah Hauck
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