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Slide Deck: 3D Printing or Machining? Know Which to Choose and When

Download these slides to access resource links and follow along with our webinar recording.

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A Look Inside:

  • Basics of CNC machining and 3D printing
  • How to approach machining and 3D print design
  • Comparing costs for both methods
  • Helpful resources and case studies

About Xometry

Xometry offers instant pricing for manufacturing, including precision CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, and urethane casting services. Xometry also provides live engineering support from our team of experts. Upload a 3D CAD file to get an instant quote.

Greg Paulsen - Xometry Contributor
Greg Paulsen
They call me the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry. This means I not only get to produce great design-for-manufacturing content, but also consult on a variety of custom manufacturing projects using CNC machining, additive manufacturing, sheet metal, urethane casting, and injection molding. If you have a question, I'm your guy.